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DGS&D & NSIC Registration

DGS&D & NSIC Registration

Backed by a team of highly experience professionals, we offer DGS&D & NSIC Registration Services. With the help of our members, you can get through the tedious procedures swiftly. Our members will get forms, assist in filling them, carry out verifications, maintain documents and ensure frequent follow ups are done. Therefore, we are your best bet in the market.

Benefits of NSIC Registration :

  • The units registered under Single Point Registration Scheme of NSIC are eligible to get the benefits under “Public Procurement Policy for Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs) Issue of tender sets free of cost
  • Exemption from payment of Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)
  • In tender participating MSEs quoting price within price band of L1+15 per cent shall also be allowed to supply a portion upto 20% of requirement by bringing down their price to L1 Price where L1 is non MSEs.

Required Documents as per below :

  • Education of Applicants: Degree of Mechanism / IT etc.
  • Partnership Deed / Memorandum of Company
  • Capital of Applicants in the Company
  • Name of Machinery
  • Name of product
  • Yearly turnover in figure
  • Yearly product in unit/ Kg
  • Yearly Electric use in Unit
  • Pan card copy of Applicant’s
  • IT returns of company last three years
  • Pollution Certificate (NOC)
  • SSI Certificate copy
  • Lay out of factory

DGS & D Registration :

  • Following documents are required for DGS&D
  • Name & address of the Applicant
  • Name & address of the Company/Factory
  • Product name with size weight quantity, Packing & production date
  • SSI Registration No
  • Vate CST No
  • Pan card No
  • Possession letter of the premises.
  • Map of the premises
  • Quality certificate of the product
  • Registration certificate of the company/Firm
  • Affidavit of the Applicants.
  • Income tax return of company last three year

Benefits of DGS&D Registration :

  • Viewing the DGS&D registered vendors profile and their products
  • Down loading of tender documents
  • Participating through DGS&D e-procurement for transparency and cost effective
  • Facilities for in Tenders  for online supply orders and sending email to suppliers
  • Facilities for data entry of supply orders received from the Tenders instead of sending messengers all the way to DGS&D offices
  • Generation of RC wise Drawl reports through system
  • Facilities for online intimation to consignee about the dispatch particulars and sending email to consignee
  • Standardization and simplification of various purchase, inspection process are being done with computerized activity

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